Awards of the Week

Each week teachers choose a winner for each of the following awards:

Writer of the Week: This is someone who has really tried hard to improve their writing this week. They might have written a fantastic story; improved their handwriting; shared amazing ideas for writing; got to grips with using punctuation they have been learning about; or used some new vocabulary. There are many ways children can achieve this award and choosing just one winner each week from all of our fantastic writers is a very hard task for our teachers!
Mathematician of the Week: This is someone who has tried very hard to improve their maths skills this week. They might have selected and applied their maths skills to solve a problem; mastered a new skill; been doing incredibly well in a maths intervention; learnt a times table they found difficult; shown enthusiasm and determination in maths lessons; or improved the way they set out their work. The list of ways to achieve this award is endless!
Star of the Week: This award is, as its name suggests, for being a star! This certificate might be awarded for exceptional behaviour; using good manners, such as saying thank you or holding doors open; helping other pupils when they need it; being a great friend; trying hard in the wider curriculum areas- such as PE, art or ICT; bringing in an amazing piece of optional homework; or always trying their best. This award covers a wide range of things and it is always very difficult to choose the winners!

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