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Totem Pole Poetry

In Infant 3 we have been learning about Pocahontas and what her life was like. We have learnt about how Native Indians had to be careful with their resources including water. We discussed how we could save water at home and then had to complete a mission to transport water from one area to another.  We used plastic balls for pretend water because Miss Trowell didn’t fancy getting wet! We were really pleased that some parents were able to come and watch our good team work in action. 


In literacy we have been creating our own totem pole poems, describing the animals we would have on our own towering totem pole. We collected lots of adjectives to describe a variety of animals and shared some great ideas.  Some of our favourites were the raccoon, the beaver and the bald eagle. This week we have also learnt about riddles and we are writing are own with super tricky clues to test our friends.  We have also been working on some totem pole designs in art as well as mixing paint to create tones and tints for our forest trees.


In science we have been looking at what plants need to grow. We planted our own sunflower and cress seeds in an investigation and we have begun to observe and measure their progress.  The cress has grown really well and is nearly a cress forest now. 


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