Welcome to Junior 1

The wonderful world of angles!

In J1, our topic this term has been about the adventurer, Nellie Bly.  The children have been taking part in class missions where they have had to work with determination and positivity and show good teamwork. During the missions we have observed fantastic examples of J1 and J2 children working in collaboration to achieve their goals.


During the past two weeks the children have been hard at work during literacy lessons. They have been writing a range of different text types including poems about our senses and instructions.  They have used some outstanding vocabulary in their work and as ever are reaching for the stars!


Meanwhile, in our numeracy lessons, we have been digging deep into the wonderful world of angles. Children have been exploring school to identify angles in our environment. They have even spotted angles in some very unusual places as you can see in our photographs.

J1 mar 17.jpg


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