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The end of Nelly Bly's journey

We're now drawing to the end of Nellie Bly's journey. This week we've been studying the country where she completed her trip, Japan. We're writing letters back to 'NYC', reporting on our recent adventures in the land of sumo wrestling, taiko drumming and sushi. The children have produced some delightful writing this term in a variety of genres - whether it's poetry, instructions or traditional tales, J2 have really shown what they can do!

We've really got to grips with key skills and strategies for the year in maths and have been working on applying these to new situations. This has meant solving problems with fractions, multiplication, division and addition... and sometimes mixing these skills together to find the answer we need!

Along with J1, our recent missions have looked at the importance of communicating with others. First of all, we had discussions with children who disagreed with us about certain questions, and tried to change minds in a sensible, mature way! Last week, we had a go at a translation task, where we had to communicate a bridge design using a language we had never heard before! Clear communication, patient listening and brilliant teamwork helped us succeed.

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