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A voyage of discovery with Leif Erikson

This half term J3 have been on a voyage of discovery with Leif Erikson as their commanding officer! 


During literacy lessons we have created fantastic norse myths, which links to our Viking topic. We followed the adventure of Loki, the mischievous joker, and Thor the mighty, all powerful God of thunder and lightning. During our tales we have developed our grammar skills, focusing on: reported and direct speech, subordinating clauses and ambitious vocabulary in descriptions. They follow the journey of the Gods through Odin’s visions, leading them to the treacherous Jotenhiem, land of the giants! They make for fantastic reading and really showcase all the skills we’ve been working on this year. We are hoping to publish them next week, so keep your eyes peeled for photos!


Throughout numeracy lessons we have been focusing on mental maths strategies and you can really see the difference in our mental maths scores! Keep it up J3. In addition to this we have also been looking at multiplying and dividing numbers by 10, 100 and 1000, involving decimals!  This was really challenging at first but with lots of hard work and determination we’ve cracked it! Now we are going to move on to data handling, looking at line graphs and bar charts, deciding which is the most appropriate to use for different types of data. 


Last week we had an amazing Viking day experience with Ben, I mean Captain Olaf of Norway. It was absolutely brilliant: both teachers and pupils thoroughly enjoyed the day. We learnt so many interesting facts about why the Vikings left Scandinavia, how they lived, the ships they built and how they prepared for battle. In the afternoon, we had a battle between the Anglo Saxons and the Vikings. During the battle, we learnt how to create a shield-wall to protect ourselves from oncoming danger by working as a team! 


Finally just a few reminders. J3 continue to have swimming on a Wednesday. Homework is given out on Fridays and should be returned to school by Wednesday.

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