Welcome to Junior 5

Spring Term

The end of our mission!

We’ve made it to the end of our mission and have become expert gladiators! 


In maths we have been learning all about percentages and calculating the discount cost of the expensive armour. Every single gladiator tried extremely hard and are now experts. We have also been looking at translation. This was useful as we were able to create a camp site on a map and translate the camp to a top secret location when the Romans invaded. 


We have become expert writers this half term and transformed ourselves into Roman half-gods. With our powers intact, we had to create a story about the troubles we faced at the half-blood camp and how we had to overcome this. The children’s grammar skills were phenomenal and they are now sophisticated writers. 

We are going to conclude our Spartacus topic by creating mosaics, which was Ancient Roman art – the children will have to use precision and delicacy to create these masterpieces. 


For our missions, we had to build a defence from the Romans' attack. The children had to work together using tactical skills to try and create the most effective defence at Mount Vesuvius. We look forward to finally defeating the Romans and having a victorious half term. We’re going to miss learning all about Spartacus, but can’t wait for our new adventure.


Miss Strachan


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