Welcome to Junior 7

Reading and arithmetic skills

Welcome back to our blog!


We are working hard in J7 to get ourselves ready for the SATs tests that are now only a few weeks away! We are focusing on improving our reading skills so that we know how to find the hidden answers in the text! Our arithmetic skills are fantastic, so we've been busy applying those skills to the reasoning tests and have been brushing up on our knowledge of shapes and graphs! For the SPAG test we're refining our terminology and keeping a watchful eye out for little mistakes that might cost us the marks!


In literacy we have made brochures for our own tourist attraction. Zoos, theme parks, water parks and amazing hotels- they sound fantastic! If only they were real! 


Next term our topic is all about Ibn Battuta, who many say is the greatest traveller of all time! We can't wait to get started! 


Once the SATs are over and done with, we have lots of exciting things planned. These include a trip to Crucial Crew, a trip to IMPS and of course we need to get started on our end of year show! Last year's was amazing so we have a high standard to live up to! 


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