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The BFG!

Hello! Miss Taylor here! Welcome to J8’s very own blog page!  We can’t get enough of learning in J8 so yet again we are having a holiday club on the first Monday and Tuesday of the holidays in Easter. This will give us that last bit of practice ready for our SAT’s in May. 


In Literacy, we have been doing lots of writing. We have been writing about the BFG, which was our book for World Book Day. We spent time describing the other giants in the book and also writing a diary entry from the perspective of Sophie, the orphan in the novel. The children loved writing about this and really got stuck into the descriptive pieces. We have also produced newspaper reports about an accident involving animals on the M62 and we have produced a set of instructions. In writing, the children have really gone from strength to strength remembering to include all of the ‘non-negotiables’ such as colons, semi-colons, dashes and commas. 


In Numeracy we have focusing on reasoning questions. We have been looking at explaining our answers using numbers to justify why it is correct or incorrect. As always, it is important that on the run up to SAT’s that children are using their revision guides at home to help with both Numeracy and Literacy. 

Several children were chosen to go to Debdale Park on Wednesday. They have been chosen for always completing their homework and for always having a great attitude and a fabulous approach to their learning! Well done to you all!


I look forward to updating you with news of our upcoming adventures in a couple of weeks’ time.


Miss Taylor

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