Key Stages Explained


Key Stages

There are 3 Key Stages within the Academy.

Key Stages



Foundation Stage

Nursery and Reception

3-5 years

Key Stage 1

Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3

5-8 years

Key Stage 2

Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6

8-11 years

Each Key Stage has their own leader who is responsible for the children’s learning by providing a rich and balanced curriculum.

  • Foundation Stage is led by Mrs Payne
  • Key Stage 1 is led by Mrs Penn
  • Key Stage 2 is led by Miss Frater

Within each Key Stage the staff are dedicated to the needs of the children as individuals and spend a great deal of time getting to know our children so that we can tailor their learning to ensure accelerated progress for all.

Foundation Stage

Our Nursery and Reception classes have recently been refurbished to ensure a rich and inspiring learning environment where they can explore, experiment and investigate both indoors and outdoors. All children take part in a wide range of hands on and practical learning experiences on a 1-1, in small groups and in larger groups. There is a balance of self-initiated activities where the practitioner skilfully intervenes at the point of learning and focussed group learning.

Continuous Provision

Continuous provision in the Foundation Stage is where children are allowed to choose where they want to learn through play. During this time, activities are set up both indoors and outdoors for the children to access, both independently and with an adult. These activities are typically open-ended and encourage forensic thinkers in our children. All activities are based upon the children’s next steps in learning ensuring that children are challenged at all times.

Key Stage 1

Year 1

Our 2 Year 1 classes have been divided into ability classes in order to cater for the needs of our Year 1 cohort. Each class still has the opportunity for continuous provision to support their learning. However, one classroom is more structured in order to challenge our children.  We also have a wide range of interventions that take place within the Year 1 class delivered by a HLTA and a qualified Teacher. Our Gifted and Talented children are highly challenged through bespoke planning of the curriculum delivered by a qualified teacher. A drama specialist works across the classes to deliver high impact session to encourage speaking and listening.

Year 2 & 3

From Year 2 the children access learning in a more formalised way in preparation for their Key Stage 1 SATs and on their journey as learners. In order to ensure that learning is tailored to the individual needs of all our children, we have 6 Teachers, a HLTA and 3 Teaching Assistants working with Year 2 and Year 3. This means that our children are taught in smaller and more personalised groups. 

Key Stage 2

From Year 4 to Year 6 our children are taught within their different year groups, and take part in ability set groups for a Numeracy lesson once a week. Numeracy and Literacy are taught using Assertive Mentoring as a method of finding gaps in the children’s learning so that we can tailor our lessons, ensuring that the children receive the support and guidance their require.

Numeracy and Literacy lessons are taught as discrete subjects and the staff at Seymour Road are dedicated to finding ways to engage and enthuse our children through exciting and innovative methods of teaching.

Our foundation subjects are taught through a cross-curricular approach and are centred around a question in order to engage and enthuse the children.

Throughout the whole of Key Stage 2 high quality teaching is our priority and intervention strategies are in place alongside this. Our diverse range of teaching approaches allows our children to continually learn whilst providing a nurturing environment where they strive to do their very best.



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