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March 2017


We have been focusing and learning about the story book Mrs Honey’s Hat. Each page tells us about the different places Mrs Honey visits on each day. It helps us learn the days of the week! We have spoken about the different settings in the story and what we may see. We have been sounding out the key words in the story and discussing what letters we can hear.


In the story, Mrs Honey puts her favourite items on her hat. We have been talking about what are our favourite items and what we would put on our own hat!



In Nursery this week we have been matching quantity to the correct number. We have been creating piles of objects (usually cheerios!) and counting them out. We have been practicing recognising numbers in the environment and going out on number walks in our lovely new playground.


Understanding the World

In Nursery we have been learning about the topic Spring. We have been looking at the weather we have now it’s getting warmer and how the outside environment is changing (lots of flowers!). We have been talking about animals and what we call their babies.


Expressive Arts and Design

Nursery A love getting creative and using different resources to make pictures. As we have been looking at the story Mrs Honey’s Hat, we have been making our own hats and sticking lots of different objects on them! We have also used paint to draw a hat.


Communication and Language

In Nursery A we have been talking about the order of the story Mrs Honey’s Hat. We have been ordering the days of the week and talking about what happens on each day. We have also spoken about different items we would put on our hat and why. We had some very imaginative ideas!


Physical Development

Nursery A love dancing to music, everyday we choose a song to dance to and to help us get moving. We sometimes do this outside now the weather is warmer! We use the music and movement programme Sticky Kids to help our hand eye coordination.



We have been concentrating on feelings and emotions this half term in Nursery. We have spoken about what makes us feel happy, sad or excited. This helps us become aware of what may upset other children in the Nursery and to ensure everybody feels happy!


Home Learning

Please try and do some of our optional homework, we had some amazing pieces last half term and would love to have some more to put on our new display in the classroom for everybody to see!


Thank you,


Miss Harper and Miss Martin 

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