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March 2017


In Literacy we have been focusing on Mrs Honey’s Hat. We have acted out the story using props and then talked about objects we would like to add to our own hats. We changed Mrs Honey to a different character and drew a story map to help us remember our new nursery story. Our favourite character was called Mrs Jam!



In Maths we have been focusing on counting. The children have been orally counting to 20 and practicing counting forwards and backwards. The children have been looking at numbers and learning different rhymes to help to remember them.


Understanding the World

We have booked out the class bank of iPads and practised how to use apple technology. The children have looked at the home button and practiced swiping from page to page. The children have used a letter formation app to practice writing some letters.


Expressive Arts and Design

We have been using resources and materials independently to create our very own hats. The children have been using the musical instruments to create different sounds. We have looked at loud sounds, quiet sounds, fast sounds and slow sounds.


Communication and Language

We have been focusing on having effective conversations this half term. To have a conversation effectively we have talked to the children about looking at the person who is talking, using your listening ears and nodding you head to show you have understood.


Physical Development

We have been developing our physical skills in our brand new outdoor learning area this half term. The children have practiced climbing, pulling, throwing and jumping.  



We have been focusing on developing the children’s understanding of emotion this half term. We have shared our feelings during circle time, looked at different feelings and discussed why we may feel them at different points in our lives. We have a feelings’ puppet the children refer to if needed.


Home Learning

There is one numeracy and one literacy homework task set each week which is stuck in your child’s homework books. Please ensure these are completed. Your child can also complete the optional homework tasks to earn homework points.


Mrs Payne, Miss Burns and Mrs Potter 

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