In Key Stage 1, children learn to read in focused guided groups where they develop their understanding of the text and comprehension skills. In Key Stage 2, the children learn to analyse, pick apart and comprehend meaning from texts in whole class lessons. Reading is taught four days a week in this way.

Our children have reading books which they bring home every day to read with their parents, brothers, sisters, wider family members and independently. Our main reading scheme is the Oxford Reading Tree, however we have others that run alongside to support every child’s needs. We pride ourselves on having a wide range of texts on offer- from traditional tales, myths and legends and fact files to poetry, classic novels and comic books.

Reading is central to everything we do at Seymour Road Academy. We foster a love for reading throughout the curriculum. There are books to support learning across the curriculum, including topic and science work! These books are used for research and to support learning.

We know that reading is so much fun! Each classroom has a dedicated area which has been transformed into a welcoming, creative space for reading. Have a look at some below!

Our favourite day of the year is always World Book Day! On this day we dress up and take part in a range of fantastic activities which really ignite our love for reading a good book! Over the last two years our focuses have been Harry Potter and Comic Books (Superheroes). This year we are going to be focussing on Alice In Wonderland! Take a look at what we get up to in our ‘Super Learning Days’ section of the website!

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