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March 2017


In Literacy we have being reading What the Ladybird Heard this term. As part of our learning we have learnt a song to help us join in with the story when we are reading as a class. The children have been independently drawing all of the characters and captioning them with the sounds they make in the writing areas. We have also looked at the rhyming string throughout the story and had a go at thinking of our own rhyming words. Some children really got into rhyming and have been independently thinking of their own rhyming strings and attempting to write them out.



This term in maths, we are still focusing on one more, one less and have started to look at recognizing shapes. We are always on the lookout for shapes in the environment and have been trying to find new ones every day.

We are always using different resources to try to help us practice one more, one less. Our favourite game to play at the minute is a counting game, sitting in a circle and counting forwards and backwards taking it in turns. This is helping us to thinking about one more than a number and one less. It is also helping our listening skills because we have to listen carefully to the person before us to help us work out what our number is!


Understanding the World

Every Monday we have been encouraging Reception P to talk about weekend news as a class. We have learnt to think of one important thing that happened at the weekend and share it with the class to make sure we can listen to everyone’s news! We also enjoy taking home our behavior bear (Gerald) and writing about what we have been up to in his diary. Some of the children have independently completed some fantastic writing in Gerald’s diary and been able to share this with the whole class!


Expressive Arts and Design

To mark the beginning of Spring, Reception have been creating some Spring pictures to be displayed on our new Spring board. We first looked at a video showing us all of the animals that are born in Spring time and any flowers that we might find at this time of year. We used lots of different materials and combined them to create different effects.


Communication and Language

This term we got to enjoy World Book Day! We had a fun-filled day with lots of different activities. We started the day off becoming part of a circus and also met lots of animals and some of us got to hold them! We talked about the different amount of legs all of the animals had and the different textures of each animal we touched.

Our drama teacher, Miss Short, also planned lots of exciting drama activities for us to do including learning the Oompa-Loompa song. We then got the chance to talk about how excited we would be if we won the golden ticket and got to visit the chocolate factory ourselves. To top off the day, we had a fashion show with the rest of Early Years to show off our fantastic costumes!


Physical Development

This term in P.E. we have been focusing on jumping and landing safely. We have been lucky enough to use the apparatus and practice jumping off and land correctly. We have been learning a lot about the benefits of exercise and how we need to fit it into our everyday lives to stay healthy as part of our ‘making healthy choices’ topic. As part of exercising we know that we need to warm up before doing our P.E lessons and also stretch off after the lesson. We have also been practicing standing on one leg! Could you help us practice at home?



Reception are always working on their independent skills especially at dinner time where we are trying really hard to use our knives and forks ourselves and open our own packets from home! We are working on putting on our own hats and scarves before going into the outdoor area and attempting to fasten our coats up ourselves before home time.


Home Learning

Over this term we have had some fantastic home learning from Reception P. The children have been very busy at home creating some exciting things! We have received lots of pictures showing our children reading their favourite books as part of World Book Day.

Some of our children have also made their own fruit smoothies at home using lots of different healthy ingredients.

In reception P we think home learning is very important and we are so excited for next term to see what exciting things you bring in for us!


Thank you, Miss Patel & Mrs Holmes

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