In Key Stage 1 and 2, writing is taught daily in English lessons. We focus on spelling, grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, handwriting, structure and composition. Children are taught within class in ability groups to allow the curriculum to be tailored to every child’s needs. Vocabulary is a key focus of ours because we want our children to have a broad, far reaching vocabulary which helps them to develop into confident, creative writers. You might notice as you walk around school words such as ‘impeccable’, ‘slender’ or ‘bewilderment’ with their meanings. These words are collected from the texts we read and put on the class ‘Magpie Wall’ so that the children can use them for themselves in their own writing!

Grammar is taught often within every lesson teachers teach! From being able to identify a noun to using the ‘subjunctive mood’ and being able to tell if a sentence has been written in ‘active’ or ‘passive’ voice! Our children are also taught discreet grammar lessons to give them the knowledge they need to apply their skills to the wider curriculum!

We practise handwriting regularly and those children who can join their handwriting are awarded a pen licence! If handwriting is exceptional, then children could earn a fountain pen and have their name added to the handwriting wall of fame! Take a look!

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Our children are constantly developing their knowledge of spelling. Daily phonics lessons are taught in Key Stage 1 to make sure our children have a secure knowledge of phonemes and graphemes that they need to read and write fluently and confidently. In Key Stage 2, children learn spelling patterns weekly and are always on the lookout for other words that conform to the pattern being used or break the rule right across the curriculum.

Each week, our children complete ‘Creative Writing’. This is an exciting time of the week because the children get extended time to show off their fantastic writing skills! The skills that have been built up over the week, previous week, and even previous months(!) are showcased in this book! Here are some examples!

We are continuously seeking out new ways to inspire writing! We know that real life experiences are the best way which is why we have many visitors and go on many visits throughout the school year! We also know that books can also inspire great pieces of writing. Have a look at this writing from Year 6. They have been reading Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo with some fabulous results!



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