Year 1 Newsletter, September 2017

Welcome to Year 1’s newsletter where you will find out what we get up to each term!

Our newsletters will show what we are learning and any important information you might need to know to help us survive our first year in Key Stage One. 

Welcome back to Year 1!
A warm welcome to the newest additions to Key Stage One! We hope you have all had a lovely summer and got up to lots of fun things. We are excited to have you back in school and can’t wait to start learning! We understand, lots has changed this year and we will do everything we can to help you settle into your new classroom and routine.

This term we are very lucky to be starting a brand new curriculum. This curriculum is top secret and involves completing missions on a weekly basis. Each term we will have a different topic that feeds into all of our lessons. This term our topic is ‘Simba and me’. Within this topic we will be looking at the film ‘The Lion King’ and exploring issues faced within this film and how these same issues may apply to us in real life.

Settling in
During this term our main priority is ensuring all children settle into their new classes and are fully equipped with everything they need to enjoy their new learning spaces.

PSHE is an important part of the curriculum here at Seymour Road as it is a subject that will enhance our children’s lives in school and beyond. This term, Year 1 will be concentrating on doing the right thing, looking after our bodies and friendships. We cover these topics daily but look deeper into each during class circle times. Circle time will involve discussions around these topics including what qualities we need to be a good friend. Doing the right thing will be addressed every day throughout the school and any issues will be addressed during PSHE lessons. We will also discuss what we need to do to look after our bodies and how we can maintain this at school as well as home.

Reading books
This year, Year 1 will have access to a one to one reader, and will also be given a school reading book. These books will be sent home in book bags daily and changed within school as soon as possible once finished. With this in mind, we ask that children bring in their book bags every day to ensure books can be changed promptly. Reading books will also be sent home with reading records which we ask parents to sign after reading with children at home. Reading is an important part of children’s development and would appreciate your support with this process.

Another big change for our children this year is handwriting. The Key Stage One staff have been fortunate enough to receive handwriting training to help our children receive the best quality support with their writing. As this is another big change, again, we would appreciate as much support from home as we can get. We will be sending home handwriting paper for children to practice their letter formation out of school as practice makes perfect!

The transition from Reception to Year 1 is challenging with a particularly high standard in maths. Year 1 will be learning more about addition, subtraction, money and time amongst much more. To enhance their learning, it would be helpful to include maths as a part of daily routine. That may be counting how many cars you see on the way to school to counting out the coins in the shop. Anything involving numbers can help our children to really grasp mathematical concepts, meaning, the more exposure to numbers the more likely they are to progress.  

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