Year 2 Newsletter, September 2017

A very warm welcome back everyone!

Mr Robinson, Mr Dickinson, Miss May and Miss Ashurst are delighted to welcome everyone back to Seymour Road. We hope you are all ready for a busy, challenging, but enjoyable year ahead. Year 2 is an important year for our children and we are sure they are up to the challenge. Already, we have been amazed with the effort that all our children have put into their learning and behaviour. Our expectations are extremely high; therefore, we are expecting Year 2 to be excellent role models for the younger children in the school. This year is going to be full of excitement and new learning opportunities and we are aiming to ensure that the year ahead is memorable for each child.

Your support
We fully appreciate the effort that is put in to support your children’s learning. This year we are hoping to maximise children’s progress and create a love of reading. We encourage you to read with your children as much as possible to achieve this. Already, we can see a lot of budding readers in Year 2 and we hope this will continue.

Samuel Pepys and the Great Fire of London
We are so excited to start learning about who Samuel Pepys was and what happened during the Great Fire of London. Samuel Pepys worked for the British government, and did a lot to make the Royal Navy better. But he is most famous for writing diaries of events, particularly his account of the Great Fire in 1666. We want the children to get an idea of what it felt like to be a part of this incredible time in history and this will be achieved through exciting and engaging missions that they must complete. But, don’t tell anyone because they are top secret.

We are all writers
The children have started Year 2 by showing off their writing talents. They have allowed their creative ideas to flow within their writing to create descriptions of different characters from Roald Dahl’s stories. The children have shared their ideas with each other to use in their own writing.
We have been focusing on different vocabulary features to improve the quality of our writing, such as interesting adjectives to describe. Also, we have been looking at basic punctuation to ensure our sentences make sense.
We are looking forward to teaching exciting and engaging English lessons to all our children. We want the children to know that they are all special writers.

Successful Mathematicians
In Maths, we have started looking at place value. The children are becoming more confident with how to partition 2 digit numbers. We have then started to add numbers together using their partitioning method. This is a big step for the children from using a number line. They have adapted to this new method excellently.
This year there is going to be a big focus on times tables. We are encouraging the children to learn their 2x, 5x & 10x times tables through different games and songs. It is important that the children can recall these, and not just in order. Please encourage your children to practise them at home too. We really appreciate it.
Here is a link to BBC Bitesize to help them practise their times tables:

Things to remember
Homework will be sent out every Friday followed by spellings on a Monday. All homework MUST be brought in by Wednesday and spellings must be learnt for Friday. It is important that homework is brought in on time so it can be marked and new homework can be issued.

Please ensure that your children bring their book bag in with their reading record and book inside it every day so we can read with them during the school day to maximise their reading progress.

Just a reminder that the school day begins at 8:50am and finishes at 3:15pm.


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