Year 4 Newsletter, September 2017

Welcome back!

Hello! Mrs Whitworth & Miss Gregory here! Wow, what a great first week we have had in J3 & J4! We are really looking forward to working with your children. They all have special talents to bring to this year. It is our intention that the children's experiences will stay with them and they will be able to look back at their time in Seymour Road with happy and special memories.  


Surviving Year 4
Year 4 is an exciting new school year, as your child moves up within the juniors.  We want to ensure that all children feel happy and confident, and build resilience as they progress throughout the year. To help your child with their studies we will be setting regular homework to help them with their numeracy and literacy skills. This will be sent out on a Friday and we would ideally like it to be returned by Wednesday.

Top tips: early nights, eat a healthy breakfast and always ask a teacher if unsure of anything.

Creative Curriculum
Our focus this term is on survival and our inspirational hero that we will be studying is Bear Grylls. The children have been introduced to their topic and have already located the Himalayas, which Bear Grylls has climbed, on a map. They have also researched different climates and have packed a rucksack ready for their expedition. The children are very excited by this special secret mission, and are looking forward to working with Commando Lee on their first activity. Working in this way children are more engaged and their books look even more creative.

Place Value
In Maths, we have been focusing mainly on presentation and how to set things out in Year 4. We have also been looking at addition, subtraction using our knowledge of place value. Children in Year 4 are expected to know all their number bonds, be able to halve and double mentally and recall all the facts from their times tables (up to 12 x 12). It is important that children spend time at home rehearsing these if they do not already know them, we have provided a times tables sheet for this. A weekly times tables test will be carried out every Friday.

Reading helps!
In English, we have been focusing on grammar and our ISPACE openers. The children have been using these within their first big piece of writing where they imagined they were climbing Mount Everest in the Himalayas, and described what they saw. We are also focusing on reading and will send the children home with books to read at home. We will expect them to read daily as this will help to build vocabulary and confidence. Children will receive weekly spellings at the beginning of the week to practice ready for their test on a Friday.

What, where & when?
As of next week Wednesday the 13th of September the children will be taking swimming lessons weekly every Wednesday afternoon. Children will need:
-swimming shorts for boys
-full piece swimming costumes for girls (no bikinis)
-swimming hats for all girls and any boys with long hair.

The children are going to be completing their missions which run alongside the RESPECT curriculum every Thursday. These missions will be supported by Commando Lee to ensure a successful mission.

We look forward to a great year ahead!

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