Year 6 Newsletter, September 2017

Hello! Miss Fry & Miss Taylor here! Wow, what a start we have had to the new term in J7 & J8! We have already realised that Year 6 is a hard year, but a memorable one. The children are our oldest pupils and they are therefore expected to be role models to the rest of the school.  It is our intention that the children's experiences will stay with them and they will be able to look back at their time in Seymour Road with fond, happy and special memories.  


Surviving Year 6
Year 6 is a challenging year and to ensure that all children feel happy and confident, here are a few extra websites for them to explore at home: - This is a website that the children will receive a username and password to use at home.

Top tips: early nights, eat a healthy breakfast and always ask a teacher if unsure of anything. We are here to help!

Creative Curriculum
Our heroine that we are studying is Nancy Wake. Nancy Wake led a very secretive lifestyle hiding from the Gestapo during the Second World War. The children are all thoroughly enjoying our new learning hook - especially taking on the role of a secret agent. We have found through this way of teaching that the children are more engaged and their books look even more creative.

During our first week back at school, we also managed to make our own models of spitfire planes and decorated them in true army style.

In Maths, we have been focusing mainly on presentation and how to set things out in Year 6. We have also been looking at addition, subtraction and place value. The pupils have been tackling RUCSAC word problems associated with conversions of weight, length and capacity. Children in Year 6 are expected to know all their number bonds, be able to halve and double mentally and recall all the facts from their times tables (up to 12 x 12). It is important that children spend time at home rehearsing these if they do not already know them, however, we have been learning some excellent songs that help us with our times tables, so please get the children to share these with you!

Reading helps!
In English, we have been focusing on grammar and looking at the different types of nouns. We have also written our first big piece of writing on a persuasive letter of application for jobs such as head boy/girl, prefects and student councillor. The children thoroughly enjoyed writing about how mature and respectful they are; a quality in which the pupils should keep up throughout the year! We have also picked a book from the school library to take home and read. It is important that each child reads to an adult at least once a week in order to improve. Each child has a reading record to what they have read and any words they would like to use in school within their writing. Please sign their records regularly to acknowledge their hard work.

What, where & when?
Homework will be sent out every Friday followed by spellings on a Monday. All homework MUST be brought in by Wednesday and spellings must be learnt for Friday.

PE will be every Wednesday so it essential that their PE kit is brought back, if taken home and that the correct footwear is brought in to wear outside.

The children are going to be completing their missions which run alongside the RESPECT curriculum every Thursday. These missions will be supported by Commando Joe to ensure a successful mission.

We look forward to a great year ahead!

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