Prefects on Parade!

~ Jessica - Responsibility is key to this job role. I think I was chosen because of my pride in learning, care and kindness.

~ Kyle - Being a prefect is a lot of responsibility because you are a role model supporting everybody.

~ Eunice - My role involves being responsible by looking after my classroom and the whole school. I plan to help the younger children in their studies so they can be great in the future.

~ Zariah - I am committed to helping as our school is a truly amazing place. As the 2017-18 prefects we believe we can make a big difference to our school.

~ Jack - Being a prefect is very special. I think I am good for the job because I am very helpful.

~ Jaykeira - As part of my role I am going to take care of the school and each and every child and teacher. I want to make sure everyone is respectful and kind.

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